Quiet, Cold and Rainy.

Reason is completely settled in his new location.

I was initially worried and felt more guilt than I’d like to admit when I made the decision to separate him from Errika, his pasture mate for about 4 years.  More importantly, I was worried how Errika was going to adjust. At 31, I was considering leaving them be for as long as she was around, opting to not rock the boat when it came to her comfort.

After much thought, I made the choice, feeling like it was the right time and it was going to be just fine. Errika and Reason had an equine neighbor join their two-some over the fence this past Spring (or was it last year?), and they both took a liking to her. With this added element, I figured Errika would turn to the other mare during the transition. That’s exactly what happened to my relief.

In fact, even with it’s challenges (nothing to do with Errika), both horses are doing well with this change. Reason is enjoying the new place, has made new horse friends and took no time at all to relax in what is an active but quiet environment. Errika now has a large pasture all to herself, and with winter arriving, green grass it sprouting welcoming a long-awaited and cherished grazing season. A large shelter now all to herself, we plumped up with lots of wood chips for the winter, I think Errika is enjoying this new set-up all about her.

So far I haven’t gotten to begin a real program with Reason. I wanted to give him time to adjust and then I had to take my time adjusting to this new routine and a painful start with a new pair of tall boots. I could barely ride 10 minutes without my toes going numb and my calves pulsing in pain.

We’ve gone on one trail ride (which was awesome!) with a bunch of family dogs, trail ridden around the property and started on what seems like an uphill of getting back into shape for the both of us.


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