Entering the Fall

Oh man, wow it’s been a while! How I’ve missed writing on here. I felt no real stories to share worth really writing about since riding has been pretty much MIA for quite some time. But things are changing….!

I’m not a weekend rider, I’m not a pleasure or trail rider per se. I don’t want to go showing every weekend, and shows aren’t exactly where I’m headed. I’m a program builder, goal setter, horsemanship, constantly learning, growing and training type of rider. I like bringing along horses and bringing my self along. Challenging myself and always, always training. I utilize the sand box, the trails and never forgetting to have fun as my tools. I love the escape riding gives me from the rest of the world, which can be inevitably stressful at times. I love the feeling of connecting with these large animals through the aids. I love the feeling of a horse lifting it’s back under saddle, or the feeling of the horse pushing through from behind. I love hearing and watching the rhythmic, metronome-like  beat of the trot. I love riding on crisp, cool, fall days. Foggy days, foggy nights. Freshly groomed arenas and riding in an outdoor two days after rain. I love the sight, the sounds, the feelings and the beautiful horses. When I’m not riding, I feel lost. I feel distant from something that brings so much joy to my life.

I haven’t ridden in an arena for a couple years, consistently. Which means, I don’t get to enjoy or build a program that I really want. I had to be mindful of footing and the impacts on the entire body of the horse. One thing I did get to do, was take a break to appreciate what I’ve had. I got to see my horse relax in a pasture. It made me humble, taking a break. So many people take riding and horses for granted and this break made me sure that I wasn’t going to be one of those people. I wouldn’t forget the cost, the time and dedication it took and takes to have horses in my life.

Now the time has come! I’m getting back to riding after this long break! Reason and I will be back at a barn, able to re-start where we left off.

Ironically, my last pair of breeches fell apart and so did my tall boots, when I rode last. Which means, in order to get back on the horse, I have get some new gear… I’m starting fresh again!


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