Thoroughbreds for All Event! Re-cap, Part 3-4

I have not posted the final parts of the Thoroughbreds For All Event, from the perspective of blogger, Stacey Kimmel-Smith.  Hopefully some of you have seen the final two parts through Stacey’s blog already.  But if you have not, no better time than the present! 

I just love the riding of Eric Dierks and his quiet, supportive style.  He seems to promote confidence, suppleness and relaxation in his horses.  I give props to both of them; Kerry Blackmer and Eric Dierks for their riding.  Both the horses seemed everything that OTTB riders have known for some time; willing and as Stacey says, “game.” 

TBs for All Part 3: You might as well jump

 Bruce wanted to try the horses over a few jumps (what he would do if he were evaluating a horse for purchase). The horse rescue organizer/manager reluctantly agreed to let Bruce tutor the riders/horses in jumping — they started with a single cavaletti and quickly worked their way to a vertical. For those of you just tuning in, these are just off the track horses. They show they’re game for anything — jumping into the crowd, no less. Harv would not have handled this as well as they did…

Stay tuned for Part 4: The Oxer!

 All for TBs Part 4: Two great prospects, revealed!

So within a few minutes of being introduced to poles, Bruce moves on to set up an oxer…

In the background, you’ll see a woman on a chestnut just outside the arena — this is Ready for April and Cathy Weischhoff — truly a highlight of an already enjoyable evening. A fancy athletic chestnut, 16.2, Cathy has used natural horsemanship techniques to take this horse to an advanced level in a short timeframe. She seems like a really nice lady, very down to earth, and she’s found herself a “keeper.” There is a video on young event horses where Cathy talks about Ready and his performance at an event at Rebecca Farm (with footage!). Awesome horse.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith, writer of Behind the Bit, can be found by visiting the BTB blog or contacted through email at behindthebit(at)gmail(dot)com.
Thank You again Stacey for letting us share this at Diligent Horse!

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