Whirlwind Week.


I know I’ve been a little MIA this week.  Getting back into riding shape has been sort of, kind of, intense.  There is a big difference between riding the horse and riding the horse.  I’m trying really hard to get myself moving up and forward in my riding and be the kind of rider I want to be.  Technical, sensitive, adjustable and confident.  I say confident because you won’t see my jumping a 4’6″ course anytime soon.  Heck no, I’m just mastering the cumulative requirements to ride a 2’6″ fence again.   But I’m getting there and my friend who’s been helping me in achieving this goal to be that rider, has been nothing but perfect.  She’s honest with me, direct, but supportive.  And it’s a wonder why her horses are well-trained, well-mannered and just happy.

On Monday I rode the little OTTB again and it was great.  We finished the ride doing a triple combination, ending at a 2’7″ vertical.  On Tuesday I rode a different horse which is such a change from Bax.  The Warmblood is not super tall, but he is big bodied, has longer and larger strides and rides overall different.  He is comfortable in the opposite ways Bax is.  I love all his paces and could definitely ride the canter all day.  We did something that was challenging to both of us which started, after warming up over ground poles and such, with the “circle of death.”  – Four poles set in a circle format, which we had to canter over practicing accuracy in pace, and in steering, to make it to each pole in the center.  Then we did a small course of jumps that were aimed to help me with the jumper turns.  What fun!!  The following day I was tired and came up short in my riding.  My mind and body were not connecting.  There were minor achievements within the ride, but overall I’d chalk it up to an off day.  A day that means I’ll ride that much harder and that much better the next time.

Things have been going well with Reason.  Our tack walks are proving to be valuable assets in the early training process.  I’m able to address his issues in a much more relaxed, low-pressure environment which helps him stay checked in.  We spend some of the time walking on the buckle and other parts of the time doing things that require him to think more through patterns.  His confidence is improving and his attitude is changing too.  I think he’s also enjoying having a regular routine to predict again.  Little by little we are making progress.

A trail ride will be in the works for Reason soon too.  It stinks not having a trailer to be able to take him out on a regular basis because I know it would be really good for him, but I am thankful I do have someone who allows me to use theirs to do such things with.

I’ll have a more thorough update on Reason this coming week.


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