Over in California…

Today was day three of the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.  Although I don’t follow eventing closely, I do always pay attention every spring for when the horses are displaying their discipline in Dressage, galloping and jumping, intimidating (well, to someone like myself) solid fences on cross country day and showing their maneuverability, amongst other things, during show jumping during the final phase of the event.  Three day eventing has always been an interest for me and it’s definitely my sport of choice when it comes to horses.

Kentucky looked beautiful and picturesque for this years event.  Back in California, the weather is similar and the only thing that could make it better is if I had some grounds resembling that of the Kentucky Horse Park ;).. The sun is shining and the horses are enjoying a much slower lifestyle than the horses at Rolex.  Reason munches on grass instead of galloping across it and stands for his own photos, not from completing a complex four star cross country course, but because he’s enjoying the victorious feeling of getting to munch on the tall grass that he’s been eyeballing for some time.

Reason is doing good and he’s been carrying the bit well, during his light lunging sessions, since his dental work on Monday.  I have yet to hop on him, as he got his feet trimmed and came up sore.  The field has gotten pretty dry, crusty and hard which has not helped the situation either.  Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break.  He should be ready to go early next week and then we begin lots and lots of tack walking.  But we’ll see.  Thankfully we have two big fields to hack out on so we won’t get too bored too quickly with the walking..

I’m very excited to begin back under saddle with him.  After his dental on Monday I really came away with a relief and I’m optimistic for the future.  He’s such a good boy with a good, very trainable mind.  Lets go Reason!


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