Chasing a Weak Body. Back to Riding.

I haven’t ridden for some time.  When you don’t ride on a regular basis your muscles developed for riding and staying balanced on the top of the horse are weak.  The lower leg moves about; you pursue a battle with the heels.  They occasionally want to come up and don’t always want to stay secured, quietly placed like they’re supposed to.  The upper body at times loses balance and topples back and forth as you try to keep it quiet, relaxed and following the motion.  Oh, the fun of chasing after a weak body.  As I made my way around the arena, this was me.  Minor battles and disagreements with different parts of my body, all the while trying to remain quiet and supportive for the horse while absorbing each step and stride as they came.

My first jumps back in the game were nothing special, small little cross rails that were meant to help me get the feel of things again.  But the following week I scooted over a 3 foot jump on the back of a handsome hunk of a horse whose name couldn’t be more befitting.    I didn’t do him justice; I had to reel in my mind and body to see myself over the jump and he saved me as I scrambled to make the distances.  But he took me over the jumps and he helped me remember how much fun jumping can be.  I haven’t jumped a real sized jump or even jumped on a horse like him in what seems like forever.  Since my lesson days at pony school.  But on the back of this Warmblood I got my wings back and ate up the silence when you’re up in the air and landed each time with more and more hunger.

Yesterday I rode another horse who is a bit more green than the big horse.  An OTTB gelding in a cute, compact, bay package.  This little guy has a super fun jump and is just fun overall to ride.  I’m excited to spend more time with him and on him. (Pictured left)

I’m learning to let go and get back into the game I’ve missed for quite a while.  I used to be able to ride the way I want to now, but it will come back and I’m hoping it will come back even better this time.

Reason is doing well and will be going on a trip redux towards the end of the month to hopefully bring some answers to whatever is going on with him.  Reason’s cheeks swell the following day after a ride and has me confused.  The swelling goes down consistently over the course of a few days, however it’s presence, including when it comes only after riding, makes me think there is something going on inside the mouth, maybe.  Some answers to lead us to what to do next, would be helpful.  I’m not getting my hopes up, but I am hopeful to have some; “yes, there is something going on,” or “no, not happening in the mouth.”

More on Reason after the trip.

More about my exploration into riding and sailing as it happens :).  I’m sore but it feels so good to be back on the horse getting stuff done and making things happen.


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