Yesterday Reason and Errika were to attend a clinic.  Not a riding clinic.  In a perfect world, both horses were to load and head to said clinic without a hitch.  But it didn’t work that way.  Perhaps there is a greater reason for this.  In fact, I was reminded that, everything happens for a reason from Matt.  He was disappointed we didn’t get to go as well, but was quick to say the above.

Reason managed to step into the trailer a few times, but quickly with-drew as the inner skeptic emerged.  The normal trailer that we use; the same one in 2006 that Ink stepped right in as we picked him up to bring him home, was not available which made me have to get together a plan B quickly.  The trailer is a nice 3 horse, which is inviting for the horses.  I love this trailer and if I had the money, I’d buy the exact same one.  Reason has stepped into this one without much of a thought times before and I had no reason to believe he’d address our plan B trailer without the same attitude.

I was wrong.  The trailer we used was a 2h, extra tall, extra wide.  I like Logan horse trailers.  They are solid and well-built (to my eye).  But Reason, he was not into this trailer apparently.  I attributed it to the fact that it wasn’t a 3h therefore the space in the rear, was not as large and therefore not as inviting.  Lesson learned.

unfortunately without a trailer to practice loading in and out of on a regular basis, I’m kind of stuck.  After selling my little Miley trailer (that Errika loved, but was WAY too small for anything larger than her) I’m looking for a trailer.    It kind of stinks not having one right there to use, although we have managed.  And so the hunt for a trailer commences.




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