Silence the World.

When the air is chilly and wind picks up and my pasture horse has enjoyed a grazing solitude for a few days, I know what I’m in for when I get to the “farm.”  Today was no different.  I’ve ridden Reason in the rain and particularly the wind.  Fast, blustery, normally would think twice about going out in, wind.  You might be thinking, just because they’re OTTB’s that you’ll be in for one hellofaride when you mount up? I don’t just say that to enhance what stereotypes exist; I say that because I’ve had people look in amazement how my horses have stood quietly when a tractor is vrooming around, or starts up, or when the wind is blowing because they did expect something different.  This could be thanks to the race track, to the environment and the way horses are handled and this is one thing I enjoy about these Off Track Thoroughbreds.  There is no reason to fret the wind.  I haven’t spent time in the paddocks, stables, shedrows or anything to say what things are like back there.  But I’m pretty sure those handlers are definitely not the kind you commonly see at your average boarding facility.  You know, the kind who decide today will just be a grooming day because the storm be rolling in?  Nothing wrong with that FYI.  Just I like horses who I can do that kind of stuff with.  And that is reason #I LOST COUNT as to why I enjoy these horses.

Today Reason was characteristically fired up.  When things get tough, the tough get going and moving we do.  In the saddle, it’s the same thing.  Press on, lets go to work buddy.  I haven’t worked with Reason enough, at least under saddle to really get to work but I do remember working with Ink and I knew it was my job to tell him where, tell him how and give him a good reason why to listen to me.  That good reason was because I was worth his trust.  He was safer with me.  I’d keep the world at bay.  And in turn he’d be there with me.

Stay quiet, stay collected and stay confident.  I’m learning this with Reason.  Heck, what am I not learning with Reason?  That would be a very,very small list.  When I rode Ink I knew that when it doubt, business out.  Ride, ride like you mean it, have somewhere to go.  Make it worth both of your efforts.  Say, “lets go,” and ride with commitment.  I loved that every time I said “go” Ink was there and was ready.  Whatever chaos or crazy world was happening around us, I knew once we clicked in got to work, the world was silenced.

When I watch Reason react to the wind and cold, I think, what can be done with all that energy and all that YEE-HAW.  To collect it up and to bottle it up to be used; there is much potential there.  When I ask and I ask right, he’ll bring it to the table and we’ll ride on it.  Rock on buddy.

For now I’m on the ground, waiting until I mount up again, wind and wild, to ride that fresh, hot, OTTB who can silence a world of chaos.


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