A Date with Destiny.

Reason has a date.  He is headed on a trip in April and I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to really get down to business about what’s going on with him.  Whether the blog has allowed everyone a look into what’s been happening or not, I know one thing is evident: the up and down road we’ve been traveling.  The road to resolution has been a long one, but a road I was (and am) willing to travel, no matter what.  I’ve explored many ideas about what’s been going on with my horse.  To say I’m slightly frustrated (not with Reason) is an understatement.  I’m bummed.  I’m really happy and excited to get even that much closer to some resolution.  But at the same time, I’m just bummed to have to seek such a distant solution.  But you know, I think there’s more going on here than what’s blatantly obvious.  My mistakes (damn you mistakes that I hate making sometimes) have taught me yet again some things I need to learn.  Even if it’s the hard way.

Reason has a date with potential solution (or a more clear picture).  Listen to your horse. No matter what, listen to your horse and what your horse is telling you.



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