Trying to Make Walking Fun.

ImageThanks to the rain (and boy did we need it) the pasture was no longer dry for riding.  Reason huddled under the shelter during most of the storm.  He’s not into mud, water, puddles, rain etc.  He is the sensitive type and I do love that about him.  He also needs exercise on a consistent basis or else it’s aerobatics on the schedule.  I love that about him too.  I wish I could exercise him more.  That brings me back to the rain. 

Days later, once the rain passed, Reason finally emerges from the confines of his ‘house’ to explore the pasture with Errika who will weather the rain for a good grazing.  Finally he moves his legs enough to get some energy out, but not enough that when I finally get to him, areobatics are on the schedule.  I took Reason out for a walk down the driveway and he reared and jumped around letting some steam out.  The dogs next door made him unusually upset further on.  The first day of some type of controlled exercise, after days of not doing anything, is always spent just getting the energy out.  I only ask as much as I think I can ask, while making a positive impact.  Which means, being careful of how much to ask, when it comes to doing any type of training which requires his full attention.

Today the pasture was dry enough to actually do a little bit more than slow and steady ground work.  I actually got on Reason and we spent a little while walking.  I rode him in his halter and he was good.  But we just walked.  Seriously, walking, seriously?  Boring, especially when you’re on a Thoroughbred.

But this is all good for Reason.  Even just boring old walking.  Because even walking can be educational and structual. 

By far my most favorited part of today was wrapping my arms around his head when I dismounted, giving him tons of kisses and being proud of the good, boring, walk we had.  🙂


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