Third View

I watched him cross the field, his stride even, steady and sure.  The sun was bright, the sky was clear and the warmth of the day enveloped my skin.  For some reason, I turned and stopped, while making my way towards my initial destination.  I observed quietly from a distance, just watching.  Taking in the moment and realizing there was so much that could be explained without any words.  My eyes wondered to the right, noticing then that I wasn’t the only one observing him.

The dark horse stood silently.  Still as a windless summers day.  I watched his gaze stay right on him.  He inched closer, thinking of walking towards him, but instead, stopped and just waited.  Who’s to say what was going on in the dark horses head.  I’m not sure, but I think it had something to do what was going on in mine.

Horses are honest.  It is one of the first exciting things that I came across when I owned my first horse and later owned my first ex-racehorse.  There is just something about that experience that went above and beyond my expectations.  I was excited to be confronted with myself.  I wanted to be confronted.  To really learn and experience everything for everything it was, I needed to be.  And when I was confronted, I learned truly what honesty meant and truly what facing yourself really meant.  I learned to be open with myself.  To look in before looking out.  Many people say I can be quiet.  Well, at times I am.  I observe.  I watch, listen and pay attention to every single detail as I’m sub-consciously sizing someone up.  Exactly what my horses have done to me.  And it’s all what I experience during that process that determines where I go from there.

What Ink had done for me later was hone my listening skills.  I paid attention to myself and paid attention to him.  I learned to listen to small details.  I applied this, without even knowing it as times, to people.  I began to become more insightful.

Before Ink came along, I remember a particular day.  No rain but there was sun.  It was Winter, but tailing close to Spring.  I was nervous, had butterflies in my stomach, but felt like it was right.  I had never experienced this type of feeling, although I had first dates before.  Everything moved in a very certain rhythm.  I was comfortable and I immediately trusted this person.


Steady, sure and balanced.  Reason looked at him with absolute trust and respect.  It was mutual.  It had always been.  There was honesty and there always had been.  I’ve watched this person learn and take in new ideas, new ways of thinking and experience some of the things I have when owning horses.  He now reads books, he writes with desire, he’s compassionate and insightful, he’s learned to listen more closely and he’s learned to observe.  Even though there have been many great things about him, he’s grown even more in great ways.  Horses had something to do with that.  Just as they have with me.

Watching Reason and how he interacts with this person and vice versa, has given me a different view.  A new perspective.  I’ve always been the one interacting, but now I’m an observer from afar but yet up close.  Maybe this is something I’ve been needing to learn and experience.  Everything happens for a Reason.  That is for sure.  And whatever reason that may be, I’m here to take it in.


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