Semi-Wordless, Thursday.

It’s not Wednesday, but I am somewhat wordless.  Nothing much going on due to rain.  Reason did get himself into some sort of trouble recently and acquired some ugly wounds, but thankfully it appears nothing other than superficial.  No known fencing monsters to be found, so I’m left theorizing about what happened.  Although I can’t really formulate a theory not finding any clues and such..

I took this photo today of Reason as the stormy clouds began to part and fade away.  Our day was spent cleaning and treating the wounds and me getting a good laugh out of his impeccable table manners – Eating scoops of grain out of the large spoon I use to stir the grain mash with.  When I’d turn away he’d be standing behind me and would toss his head up and down until I turned around to “feed” him.  Spoon-fed Thoroughbred.  One of his many life pleasures and talents ;). 


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