Body Translations

I walked into my chiropractors office this afternoon.  I always get a little nervous going simply because I get a little grossed out by the idea of getting my body worked on, specifically my neck.  But, I’m always quickly convinced when he begins working, that it’s more enjoyable than it sounds.  As I sat down to wait to go into the room, the nice lady at the front desk comments on how long it’s been since my last visit.  I was thinking two years, it really hasn’t felt long.  But then she says that the last time I was in was in the year 2007.  Wow, really that long?  My mind became flooded with images from my life at that time.  I can recall with vivid detail on most importantly, how I felt.  2007 was a good year for Ink and I remember what the feeling was like when we began to have those great rides and how awesome everything was becoming.  I cared more about what I ate, drank and was truly happy, becoming confident and excited about life.

Nearly 5 years since my last chiropractor visit is pretty good, in the sense of the work my chiropractor had done, transforming my body and allowing me to not have to visit again much at all, but it was over-due.  I felt good for a long time but became hesitant to go in the most recent year as I didn’t have a means to pay for the visit.  That’s quite irresponsible.  I would put down $140 of scrapped up cash to have Ink adjusted, but wouldn’t give myself the same respect towards my own body.  Shame.

My chiropractor does cranial work and he does this bit at the end of a session where you relax on a massage table and listen to very soothing meditative music and he begins to assess and work on your jaw and further deepen the adjustments.  My jaw was extremely tight.  Terribly tight.  He explained humans natural defense postures when they become threatened and how this was effecting my jaw.

Working with Reason has made me self aware as all horses do, but my body has been stuck in this tense, crooked position and defense posture, that I am almost un-aware and un-able to make necessary changes on my own.  I can imagine how crazy I appear to Reason.  My body is appearing tense, alert and ready to fight or flight.  This makes the horse think they have reason to be on-alert as well.  Mirroring our physical and mental presence.  It will prove interesting today, as I visit Reason and see how he responds to my adjusted and already more relaxed body and posture – I feel like I have taken back my body again!


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