Flowing into Winter.

Reason on a cool October evening.

As the theme in my life lately, I’m not sure where to go, what to do (education, career, life), but I have a desire to experience everything.  That is something I do know and I know that is something to hold onto.  It has carried me through the wrath of the storms and through the confusion.  The beauty all the world has to offer is a constant provoking thought in my busy mind. 

Since I was young, whether good or bad, I’ve questioned everything and everyone around me.  Seeking a more in-depth understanding and detailed analysis of the inner-workings of each person I encounter and each thing; a person, place, experience I may come across in this life.  So many excellent articles have began to flow towards me lately, I’m usually adrift in many of them throughout the day.  I’m constantly in a state of peace and comfort reading.  Although I’m not in school at the moment, I’m always educating myself through all types of literature.  My mind wraps around various subjects of interest and I begin to open doors to new ideas and thinking that I had yet to experience.  It’s such a lifting and lightening feeling to get that, “ahah” moment when you know you’ve learned something new.

Perhaps you’re wondering what this has to do with horses?  I’ve learned through various ideas and thought, that horses (as well as all animals) are the honest creatures we all, whether on a conscious or sub-conscious level, desire to be.  Honest and possibly the endearing meaning of, “one with nature.”  Moving and shifting to the vibrations of the earth. To tie into my own experience with this, I’ve been dissecting my relationship with Reason, who is without a doubt, a clear measure of my own quest to become the person I want to be.  Good, confident, honest, loving.. 

Reason and I

Reason was brought into my life to teach me some great things.  From a sad situation, losing Ink, I was given this horse who is now opening other doors in my life.  I have yet to discover them exactly, but I have began to see the light coming through those doors who are slowly manifesting and one day I may open one. 

As the air becomes cool, the sun sets earlier and the winter storms of the season peek around the corner, I have been enjoying simple things with the horses..  The feeling of their soft muzzles, the warmth from their nostrils, the smell of pure horse (we equestrians know this well) and the noises they make; calling to their herd members, the release of air from their mouths, the chewing of hay, the stomping of the hooves as they attempt to keep the last flies of the season at bay and the most comforting thunder as the hooves cross the ground in a fleeting but excitable trot, canter or gallop.  Although it’s cold and nose nipping outside, when you’re around horses, the warmth can feel like a good fire, in a cozy house or cabin, cuddled up with a fuzzy blanket and maybe a good book.  Maybe some cocoa too.. 

Reason last week

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