He’s A Good Horse.

Reason on Tuesday

Everything Reason is and is not presently, is a reflection of me.  It’s true.  I’m lacking in my ability as a rider right now.  Well maybe just maybe because I worry about Reason going back to the unhappy place he was only a few months ago.  I just do too much worrying.  Now going off shortly to a very relevant but different direction here… Matt (my fiance) is the yin to my yang and the yang to my yin.   He told me last night, I’m not committing to what I want.  I’m not giving Reason the right direction.  Thank you amateur, doesn’t-even-really-ride, Yoda.  He is the best at pointing things out and giving me a really good perspective that sometimes I lack.  I knew that I’m holding back.  Because if I wasn’t I’d already be cantering Reason around the pasture…  But he points things out that makes you remember riding is supposed to be fun and it’s really not that hard to do.

On Tuesday evening, I had a mediocre ride on Reason.  It depends on how you look at it though.  Reason was really good, he carried me around as we quietly walked on the buckle.  A small, simple but really nice thing!  But the trot work, well that’s what made it mediocre.  I’m not committing.  I don’t give Reason enough direction as of late.  And just as with the lunging to the right, I have to find my hidden confidence and the rider I used to be..  

Yesterday evening I got on Reason and when we warmed up and got to trotting, I did have some good stuff in there.  At times Reason was in front of my leg, instead of being really behind it.  But still…  The whole focus will be and IS on getting him in front of my leg and I will not stop until he willingly, happily, confidently travels in front of my leg consistently, by default.  Matt, believe it or not, coached me through some off my sticky times.  Times where I lacked Reason’s respect and he dictated speed.  Times where Reason tested me and I needed help to rise up to the test. 
Horses ARE our greatest teachers.  If I can get through this, we will be going great.

The up-side was that Reason and I did get somewhere.  And we did have a lovely time riding under the full moon.

Tuesday Post Ride

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