Lunging as the Sun Sets.

Reason in winter/spring 2010.  Showing off his fanciness.

I forgot to mention, following up to this post where I wrote we might go on a trail ride, over last weekend.  Well, we didn’t end up going.  The weekends are so busy and full of things to do.  Matt comes home on the weekends and it’s usually go,go,go until he leaves Sunday evening.  It just didn’t fit in there.  I’m crossing my fingers that sometime this weekend we will go on Reason’s first trail ride.  The weather is supposed to be much milder, in the mid 70’s and sunny.  Perfect trail riding weather if you ask me.  Oddly enough this dramatic cool-down, after the 100 degree weather yesterday, is the welcoming to rain, Monday through Wednesday, supposedly.  I guess summer had to give it’s final kick before it walked out for the year..

 In addition to a possibly trail adventure, we have to start and finish the expansion project of the horse’s shelter, aka the pony cottage.  We are making it twice as big, closing it in on 3 sides, adding rock under the entire thing and mats.  They will have a nice place to escape the rain, wind and cold while also have a good place to eat.  It will also double as a spot for grooming in the rain, with cross-ties.

Now about yesterday.  I need to get an update shot of Reason.  Can you say, hunk?  He’s looking so good!  He’s gained some weight and muscle and just looks lovely.  I can’t wait to see the top-line built up..  I think we’ve hit the sweet spot as far as weight goes though.

I lunged Reason over some poles and cavaletti last night.  I debated on that, or a ride.  I chose lunging because the thought of getting into those breeches, just didn’t seems too appealing.  And also because I wanted to see Reason move.  Again I enjoy so much watching Reason navigate his way through poles and cavaletti.  He’s so pretty and careful.  To see him use his body in the ways that these exercises would like, is such a sight.  He’s exuberant, but smart.  The engagement from the hind end was super last night. 

Poles and cavaletti are so much fun for Reason.  He just looks for them and sets himself up to go over them and does it with a sense of pride and sass.  Sometimes if we’re doing cantering exercises, he’ll throw a little post buck and proceed on to do it again with a big sense of accomplishment and excitement.  Yesterday evening when we were warming-up on the lunge, he was dragging.  It was HOT yesterday, so he was probably a little drained from that.  But once we started pole work, he lit up!  It’s like someone hit the ON button.  Suddenly he had energy.

I can’t wait to start jumping him.  Next year is my plan.  But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  That is if he gets his flat-work going well..  He’s getting the prep-work for now, which seems to suit him fine.  Confidence building 101 too.  I guess my challenge will be how many ways can you set-up cavaletti and pole exercises..  




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