Here we Are.

Welcome to my new blog, Diligent Horse. (I moved all Reason’s past posts from The Equus Ink, over to here.)  This is now Reason’s blog home.

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of the heat.  Oh heat and I are not good friends.  But today was different.  It was hot, but I determined that I’d have to get over that in order to ride.  What was more surprising was that it was a choice to ride in the heat.  Normally I wouldn’t pass up the calmer, cooler evening time to take a ride, especially over the heat of the day, but not today.  Today was different.

I slipped on my breeches, pulled on my boots, grabbed my helmet and tacked up Reason.  Despite the heat, today was promising.  Not because I thought Reason was going to be good, no, I knew he was going to be good.  But the reason why it was promising was simply because I knew I’d be taking a good ride regardless. Heat or no heat.  I walked Reason around the pasture.  His first trip all by himself.  Then we trotted.  A couple things came to mind.

One of the things I thought about was how more confident Reason is.  Our lunging work has paid off.  Not only that, but because Reason has had Errika to snuggle up to when things get scary or boss around when he’s feeling cheeky and particularly cocky, has proved to raise his confidence to new levels.  He believes in himself and has confidence in leading his herd of one, protecting his mare.  He can gallop across uneven terrain (scaring his mom although) with freedom of space, time, movement and ease.  He can graze as he pleases and is never bored as it seems.  He feels the chill of the fog, the heat of the sun and can determine his own way of dealing with this (how horses choose their ‘spaces’ is a study all it’s own), mostly without the use of the shelter.  He observes and now manages his own space, including welcoming the then very scary cows, as part of his environment and generally just part of the scenery.  But most importantly, he now trusts me.  He now greets me everyday at the gate, walks with me to the other gate and welcomes me as part of his herd.

In the heat I’m riding and begin trotting down the long side.  We cross terrain with confidence, we ease and understanding.  I ride without a whip, without spurs, without gloves I let my bare hands and fingers hold onto the reins gently and allow them to rest between my fingers sans any real contact.  It feels good.

To ride a horse is a privilege, not a right.  Thanks Reason.


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