Cruise Control…Works!

I was able to ride Reason for the first time last Saturday, in a couple months.  We had plans to attend a horse event locally (not Reason.  My mom, Matt and I) but opted against it.  Instead we spent the evening riding!  Reason was a total trooper without second thought carried me around as we walked and trotted in and out of our “arena.”  Reason seems much happier living this new life and I think having no constraints of riding/lunging in an actual arena and riding in his own pasture has proved more comfortable for him.  Obviously that will be changing as we will be trailering out to a local barn for arena use soon, but I think it’s been a great way to re-introduce him to riding.

I’ve been continuing lunging over poles and introducing different cavaletti exercises as well, which I think has helped Reason’s confidence.  Going right for him has been sticky, but with the use of poles as a guide and slowly introducing other elements has opened that side up.

Now this weekend, may be Reason’s first trail ride, ever.  I’ve decided on a quiet, large, flat trail at a local park to take him to, but that is if there is enough time within this weekend to encompass that and also if I feel Reason is ready.  I know he is, but I do not want to over face him, especially with all the confidence he has built and trust in me.

In other news, I chopped Reason’s mane off, leaving a tasteful mohawk.  I think it looks great on him!


One thought on “Cruise Control…Works!

  1. You are so wonderful for Reason. I'm hoping that your first ever trail rife( or even walk along with) Reason goes well.
    When I first got Wa, and was unsure of the trails…we did it together, I walked it with her. It was very, very awesome.

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