Let the New Month In!

Someday, maybe, Reason and I will be cantering about, jumping and sharing some great rides.  I go to sleep at night hoping that this dream I have, will come true.  I think about it during the day and imagine.  Ah, how nice it would be to share that relationship with a horse again.. 

Reason is so athletic and hot..  But mostly athletic.  He shows off his quick and handiness potential as he swoops along at the end of the lunge line.  He’s ever so gentle with the lunge line and respectful of my wishes.  He gets worried when he’s unsure and his reaction is to go up and throw himself around.  Whenever he does this, I send him forward and on he goes with a new idea of how to handle himself.  The confidence and understanding is growing.

Reason’s right side is a bit locked up and he has more resistance on this side.  The lack of confidence is most apparent on this side, where he has no idea what to do with.  When I first started lunging him right, it was a difficult task, he’d get very nervous and react by going, up.  But through quiet requests and trust, he’s opening up and allowing me to explore the “dark side.”

Tonight when I lunged Reason, going right, he tried to evade me requests.  I have a small batch of tools that I use to get around this.  But no matter what, he must, must, go forward.  By the end of the evening, he was going right, quietly, much more comfortably, confidently and was beginning to open up. 

Only Reason will let me know when it’s time to ride.  I think I may try this weekend.  Of course on the lunge, just at the walk.  But we’ll have to see if it will be time for that.


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