A Change for us All

Ah, this post.  It’s been coming. 

After bad ride, after bad ride and knowing horses, knowing my own horse well enough, I have decided to stop Reason’s training (or lack thereof) and get him out of boarding life, for a deserved break.  I do not want to re-home him or anything like that.  I’m committed to my horses.  I took on the un-known and possibilities, whatever may come, when I adopted him, just like with my Ink.  Reason has a good home with me forever, or until he can pursue greater and better things with someone else.  I can provide him a great home and can provide him an opportunity to be a horse and to feel good.  I am willing to give up riding etc, to give him a chance. 

I don’t know exactly what’s going on with Reason.  It could be a multitude of things, including ulcers, including body issues.  He’ll get what he needs and we’ll be exploring all avenues within my abilities to get him feeling better.  But, what I truly believe he needs right now is a break, mentally and physically.  Reason will be living with Errika in a big 2 acre pasture where they can graze and hang out together all day.  He’ll get groomed, loved and become my beautiful pasture ornament until we can get him on the right track.  I think this will do wonders for him and I think it’s definitely worth a shot.  I think he’ll like it.

I want to make a galloping track around the perimeter of the pasture to pony Reason and stuff of that nature.  But everything is up in the air and I will know a plan of attack once I get him there. 

I love Reason.  It breaks my heart to see all his handsome, cute moving goodness not being utilized and to see him not excelling.  I know he has potential.  I want to see him progress.  If he never can be ridden again, I will understand.  If he can only be a trail mount, then that’s what he’ll be.  All I want is him happy and to share good rides. 

I’m also going to school in a couple weeks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to commit to a third horse once I do get my career on track.  I’m excited.  A horse habit comes at a hefty price tag and I want to be able to provide my horses with all the best and to get my riding going again too.  Matt is also leaving for school, but he will be going for 2 years and relocating.  It’s going to be a change but it’s going to be great for our futures!

More posts will be coming..