Could it Be…Ulcers? – Update.

It’s only been three days since I began Reason on his new, what I like to call the “tummy love,” diet for what may be ulcers.  I’m happy to report, so far so good!  There has been notable difference in girth area and lower abdomen sensitivity and even a change in mood!  Reason’s been more willing and happier from the times I’ve spent with him since Friday.  Yay, maybe this is going to help.

On Friday I turned Reason out in the outdoor arena for a little free-lunging.  I like to do this at least once a week because it just seems nice for him to get out and stretch his legs.  I am careful to boot him up and I do think about the tendon all the time, but it’s really not something I worry about more am conscious about at all times.  I think the turnout/free lunge in the large arena, is ideal and good for Reason both body and mind.

During Reason’s free lunging in the outdoor on Friday, he was trotting down the long side, head and tail high when he realized the barn owners dog was running with him.  Quickly he spooked, half passed, not very gracefully, sideways and kicked out, knocking down a lower rail board and also taking off a small patch of hair/skin of the inside of his left leg at the fetlock joint.  I’m doctoring that now, which is nothing bad just needs to be kept clean and medicated.  So no riding has been happening since Thursday.  It looks fine, some swelling but nothing more than what is to be expected.   


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