Reasons Good Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this trusty blog. 

Most recently, I rode Reason on Tuesday when it was gusting good outside.  The wind whipped through the barn with force.  But I wasn’t about ready to let that stop me.  One part of me figured that I’d have to find out what horse I was going to have in these weather conditions and the other just said that as long as I was cool with it, Reason would probably be too.  I determined early on that I was going to stay out of the indoor arena and strictly just walk and trot around the roads at the barn.  Well, Reason was awfully good.  He did as asked without a second thought that me, his rider, felt that a couple times the wind was going to pull me out of the saddle! 

The following day, yesterday, I decided that I was going to stay inside the indoor arena.  The rain (and some hail) was going well enough that being inside was exactly what the day ordered.  There were a couple other riders getting their horses tacked up and another rider in the arena when I got there.  Between the rain, cold and some wind not to mention some rather interesting sights and sounds from workers and chickens next door, I didn’t know what the day was going to hold.  Maybe it was going to only be a day of getting him used to and over “scary” stuff?  I didn’t know for sure.  I was determined however, that today was going to be just fine if I wanted it to be and by golly I wanted it to be a good ride and good time for both of us. 

Not too long after I began riding a boarder was going to have a jump lesson.  The jumps came out and I figured that this was going to be a good time for Reason to see and hear a horse jumping.  It sounds silly, but Reason is somewhat reactive.  Well he was taught to run after horses I guess, so that might explain that and also his age and, well you get it..  I had Reason stand, as mostly I didn’t want to get in the rider’s way.  The indoor is a somewhat small space.  I also wanted Reason to just stand there and watch.  It sounded like a better way to make the experience more positive..  The weekend before he (feeling a little fresh) decided that as we were walking away from a horse who was behind us that jumped and rubbed a rail, was pretty frightening. 

Reason and I watched the lesson.  He was so good, just stood still and watched the horse jump right in front of us.  Then afterwards I continued riding and Reason got to watch and experience what it means to work around and with horses that were doing their thing.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but some OTTB owners can appreciate what it means when your horse can ride around and be ridden around by other horses without getting, worried, excited etc.. 

What a good boy Reason was! 

I’ve been continually working Reason on the ground.  We’ve been practicing changes gears within the paces.  I’ve been mostly trying to work on his walk and a little bit with the trot (collected to extended).  He’s doing so well.  Much less reactive than the last time I wrote about it. 

Today Reason and I went on a walk around the barn and down the driveway.  I’m currently working/riding him 4 days a week.  We are trotting now, but short intervals.