Ride #10 & #11 – The Happy Walk

Before I start this post, I’d like to send my thoughts to all my family.  My Grandpa O. passed away yesterday afternoon.  He was an amazing man who was determined to make it to age 100.  He was 97.  I still can’t believe you’re gone.   

I have so much to write about!  So much has happened since my last post.  Things are going well now.  Monday and yesterday I had two really nice rides on Reason.  This time I used my jump saddle instead of my Dressage which, to me, feels better to ride in (on Reason that is) than my Dressage.  There was lots of commotion going on with rock moving and tractor work happening around us, but Reason didn’t flinch.  I wasn’t expecting him too as loud and noisy heavy equipment has never bothered him.  Thank You racetrack :).  It was fabulous to be riding amongst all that action because I couldn’t help but smile that all I had beneath me was a relaxed horse who walked happily on a loose rein.

I’ve been riding Reason around some of the property instead of just going right into the arena, which he seems to enjoy.  But the arena has to be just as inviting and relaxing to him as hacking out because eventually the arena will be our main source of exercise..  My goal is to have the same horse inside the arena, as I have outside.  There is just a bit of nervousness when he’s inside of the arena.  But not much, so it won’t take long. 

More later…


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