Better & Better

Last night was probably the best roundpen session Reason and I’ve had.  He was being very good and most importantly moving pretty relaxed and happy.  I thought it would be a good idea to practice his upward and downward transitions through the walk and trot.  It went really well and the voice commands are nearly doing all the work. 

I feel that mentally Reason is welcoming towards me getting on his back again, but physically I am still holding out.  His body isn’t quite when I want it to be yet, but I know I can do helpful work from the tack as well, so I’m just waiting until it really feels right to get back up there.  At times I know I would be better off in the tack, but I have to pay attention to the ground work.  I realize it’s importance by far, but I’m more comfortable in the tack and feel I can work on things better.  Not only that but I don’t want to do too much roundpenning.  I kind of feel Reason is getting slightly bored of it.  I also feel that with the tendon that this is not something I want to be doing for much longer.  Straight lines are more appealing to me….


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