The Downside of an Upside Process.

My 22nd Birthday is tomorrow.  Despite it being my birthday, I only wish my poor horse was in a better, happier position.  There is nothing as depressing and frustrating than seeing your horse in an unhappy place.  It’s all in the territory.  As a friend said to me, “two steps forward, two steps back.” 

Last week, I rode Reason twice, once Wednesday and once Thursday.  He tried to get me off once during each ride, in a kind, yet direct manner.  Looking back, it seemed not like he was trying to let out some steam and want to play and toss his rider around, but instead it seemed that he was trying to let me know he’d like me off because something wasn’t right.  Friday, Reason was pretty distraught.  He was doing pretty unusual behavior when I took him into the indoor round pen to access him.  Shaking his head constantly, pawing, striking out and then rolling.  When he’s handled on the ground, for grooming and walking, he’s fine.  Although he has been nippy when you try to get near his face.  Not in an aggressive manner, but in a, “hey don’t touch this area please.”  I’m as a loss.  It has been suggested this behavior is him just trying to find a way to release his energy.  But from the beginning, I’ve suspected pain.  Obviously I stopped all “work” with him and have been trying to explore the source of this behavior.  The rides last week was not the start to this behavior, but rather the peak.

A new problem arose as of Wednesday.  Reason was stocked up on a ll four legs.  The bowed leg was inconsistent with the other legs; the fetlock joint and pastern to coronet band was filled.  No heat, not lame.  Cold hosing and walking helped diminish the fill.

Right now things are kind of messed up.  I’m trying to re-work his living arrangements to see if he might be happier in a different area such as a stall with attached paddock so he can visit closely with other horses and still have some room to move.  The only thing is I do like the fact that he has room to play in his turnout, but not too much where I worry about him hurting himself.  Hmm..

Also contemplating some other things as well.  But for now it’s all in limbo.     

The vet will be out early next week to help me figure this out.     


2 thoughts on “The Downside of an Upside Process.

  1. Hi Keri!
    HAPPYBIRTHDAY!! HOPE the day is planed for fun ~
    Sorry to reread about the perplexing stocking up. Very odd, but I do think tourer right on with the pain = Iill behavior.
    So glad that the very will be coming and sure hope its something simple!

    I had mt first ride in my new arena today (second really) the first was with my sis, and the sale that did not fit (deemed later) and she threw a fit, at the walk. I counted it as pain from her road fall still.
    Today, bareback, we walked for 2 0 min aroundall sorts of obstacles, polls, and mostly circling and quarter line work. Not one evil eye!
    A rare , but welcome day, in the arena.

    W illbe looking for your next word here.
    Take care, (((HUGS))) for you're day!

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