Move His Feet, Move His Mind.

Errika and I last Friday on a trail ride.

Within a matter of days the hooves beneath Reason were feeling better and better.  So much so that he began bouncing around with that spark in his eye again..  Little things would make him excited or frisky – I knew he was feeling better.  I knew my horse was back.

But as it happens, there was a learning curve just ahead.  Because of the recent holiday, Thanksgiving and the events surrounding it; dinner with familie(s), work right after and just the overall busyness that surrounds such times, I was unable to really hang with Reason or do much of anything with him.  I could tell he was getting a little ‘hot’ for his own good. The day after Thanksgiving, I finished working the evening shift at the barn, went and fetched Reason, to do something with him, finally.  He was good, a little hot, but good.  Each day there-after, got worse and worse, in regards to the hotness.  I can appreciate a hot horse, but there can’t be much good that comes from a hot AND rehabbing horse.

Each night I took him out... There is where I went wrong.  Nights are bad right now.  Nights are time for warm stalls and yummy grain.  NOT for working.  This is what Reason seems to think.  In his never to be humble opinion, he lets me know just that.

Each night his attitude grows, little by little.  He’s throwing baby horse tantrums.  I know that a good go in the round pen would help us come to a good meeting ground.  But he’s rehabbing.  Round-pens and lunging are places we should not be exploring.  (Although I am, just not in the typical sense.)  So, I just do in-hand work, within the indoor round pen.  I remember someone saying that a horse doesn’t care if you can move its head, but if you can move its body and feet, that’s where truth lies.  Something like that.  I figured since round-penning (at more than just a walk) was and will be out of the question for some time, if not almost ever, I have to be creative.  I decided in-hand work, moving his feet, experimenting with lighter and softer amounts of pressure, would be a good option.  Move his feet, move his mind.

That seemed to work, pretty well.  I mean I was not completely satisfied, like if I could have actually round-penned him.  But it did enough and I know it will get better.

The simple culprit to this new found; naughty, no-not-listening, I-don’t-wanna, horse?  Grain.  Oh so simple, but oh so trouble-some..  Reason gets rice bran at night.  I usually like to wait to bring him in until I bring all the other horses in at night.  He knows what awaits him once I do finally get him.  But when I crash the dark horses parade and want to work him instead, well that just doesn’t agree with him.  I need to work Reason mostly during the day and if I do work him at night I should probably let him eat first..

Despite being, not the easiest to be around these nights, Reason is doing really well.  I’m very pleased that he’s feeling better and in turn that makes me feel better.  I love seeing him everyday and wake-up to the excitement of the future ahead.  Even if it’s something small, like going on a walk around the property or the idea of where we’re going to be a year from now.  Whatever it is, I’m excited.  I love learning and have learned so much thanks to my four-hooved animals.

Before I end this post, I would like to give some updates on Errika.  She is doing really well, to put it simply!  She’s looking better all the time and is developing muscle again thanks to our weekly trail riding!  Yes, my horse trailer was finally finished and now Errika and I do what we love to do together and that’s hit the trails.  Shes such a good horse.  I can just sit up there and she’ll safely take us up and over rocks, hills and across creeks.  I love her.



2 thoughts on “Move His Feet, Move His Mind.

  1. Oh..yea, all sounds so good!
    I've missed you…got disconnected and saw your blog on someone's roll, so I got connected again.

    Will be doing catch up. You look great and so does Erika! Glad that reason is feeling better too.

  2. P.S.
    You are son not the only one that favors any-other-time-to work-but dinnertime…I was there at the wrong time the other night. Wa played the game..I move my feet tons and everyone's MIND and eyes, will be on me!

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