These Times Make You Wonder…

Reason has been foot sore for a week and one day now.  I feel helpless and it’s been hard not to mope around while my horse sits in discomfort.  The good thing is, that Reason is steadily getting better.  The first couple of days he stayed in his paddock, 24/7.  I could tell he wanted to come out but would rather not..  He became a little stocked up behind because he wasn’t moving.  After the first critical days, I began to take him on the short walk to his stall at night.  It makes sense that the hooves need circulation (movement) to help the hoof adjust and grow, but at the same time I didn’t want to hurt him.

Now I’m taking Reason into the round-pen and where he is asked to free walk, slowly more and more each time.  He seems to like this and finds comfort in the idea of being in there and “playing.”  His expression is becoming happier and less depressed.  Poor Reasy :(.

So this of course means that little walks and hoof rehab are our life right now.  I think he’ll be fine within a couple more weeks, but I hope there is now long-term hoof (and therefore other) issues related to the trim that caused him this discomfort..  My farrier (barefoot trimmer resource), who I’ve had a relationship with for over 5 years, has never caused my horses to be uncomfortable before.  He worked on Ink and worked on Errika for quite some time.  TB feet are known for their lack of strength and stability.  Having had two OTTB’s now that went barefoot post track, the transition is slow and not always easy.  Their feet have been  under pretty big demands at a young age, along with being shod the entire time they were on the track, that to me it sounds normal for a horse in a transition stage to be “sensitive” during the process and after a fresh trim as well in the transition stage.  But sore like this, is not normal.  Ah, sigh :/.

I can’t wait to get back to riding and working with him….but  I have to say these times when things are temporarily going in a different direction, make you appreciate the little things.  If anything, just hanging out with the pretty dark horse, makes me learn more things about him and love him and feel even more confident about the way things are going and will be going when we do get back to work.  


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