Ride #6 – Its A Good Place To Be

On Friday was the sixth ride.  It was good from start to finish. 

Thursday, however, Reason was acting a little weird.  He was being kind of a brat, to put it simply.  I was doing some ground stuff before I was going to get on and to my disappointment, but understanding, Reason was just not into it.  I kind of felt discouraged.  It was just one of those days.  Instead of pressing the issue, and this had nothing to do with any insecurities about riding him, I thought it was good to stop and call it a night.  No mind, no ride. 

Friday though, Reason was being really good.  In all honesty I was almost concerned about how quiet he was being.  Nothing else gave me any indication that things weren’t right.  Matt chalked it up as Reason being “sorry” for yesterday, hehe.  It was just nice to me that we came out from a less than good day, the day before, to Friday being a nice clean slate.

Reason has this thing about the cross-ties.  No, I don’t think cross-ties are a safe place to put a horse in general.  They can be dangerous.  Of course almost everything can be dangerous if you think about it…  But, Reason is smart in the cross-ties.  He knows to move into pressure.  Nothing I honestly taught him, just proof he has a good head.  So I don’t worry about him getting himself into trouble in them.  But what Reason does is walk backwards while I try to get to his sides to brush or put the saddle on.  He’s not being evasive.  He seems to want to follow me.  He backs up and gets to the end of the cross-ties (cringe) and then stops and I ask him to move forward.  So finally, on Friday I figured out how to fix the issue.  I think about him standing still and walk to his side, if he moves I apply pressure behind and the minute he either steps forward I stop.  It worked well and I was able to go about grooming and tacking with a very quiet horse :). 

The ride was good.  I mounted on my nice horse and we walked around.  It was dark outside but Reason was being very good. 

Before and after a ride I have to ice his leg and I took up the opportunity on Friday to just hang with him which was nice.  No purpose, just hangin’! 

I’m instructed to ride him 3-5 times a week, doing a forward walk for 10 minutes, the first week. 

I planned on riding today to officially begin our first week of structured rehab work, but unfortunately it didn’t work out….

Reason had his feet trimmed today (they look great) but he’s pretty ouchy behind.  So I guess we’ll have to wait it out and see what happens.  A couple days off and he’ll have to stay in his paddock so not to hurt the feet by walking out on the hard ground and rocks :(.     


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