The Results Are In : The Bowed Tendon Status!

Yesterday, a page was turned and a new has been revealed.  The bowed tendon is healed!  Simply put, Reason’s vet could not find the exact place of injury through ultra sound because of how it’s healed.  Which is obviously good but also gives us only an idea of location and no concrete answers.  But, that aside, we now have our rehab program to bring him back into work or into his new career!

I was so relieved.  I am so relieved.  I’m very happy and excited!  I didn’t doubt the outcome of the overall picture regarding the tendon, but it’s nice to know speculation and feeling is reality!

Reason also got his sheath cleaned and teeth done.  He had a little baby tooth that was extracted.  It was waiting for me :).  Now I have Reason’s last baby tooth…lol.  The teeth need a little work to get them back on track (no pun intended).  Reason was good the whole time and I was so proud of him.  I just love him to bits and am so excited.  I thank Ink and my lucky stars and Felicia for sending me this horse.

Let the games begin!  More later :).


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