Welcome to the new Equus Ink!

Hi everyone.  I’d like to introduce you to the new Equus Ink blog. 

I decided to swtich blogging platforms (blogger, wordpress, etc) because I was becoming unhappy with my last platform.  Although advanced, it was still had limited capabilities when it came to things I wanted.  It also came at a price and it’s nice to know I can save that monthly fee I was paying for something more important.  The cost simply, was not worth it for me.

The other reason I decided to switch was because of something I would rarely conform too..  I originally began blogging in 2006 at WordPress.  I switched from WP to my last platform because I wanted more control and noticed a shift in reader base.  My blog became distant, over a period of time, for some reason.  Most blogs are presumably hosted by Blogger.  It has some great networking-esque tools and capabilities that WP doesn’t completely offer and essentially my last platform did not have at all.  So this, is what I found to being the pitfall of my blog.  I was losing connectivity with my readers. 

Although I am not technologically challenged, I found Blogger to be more user-friendly than WordPress.  It is simple and pretty straight forward.  Some may disagree.  I spent some time getting to know WP and Blogger alike.  It simply came down to comfort and here I am, now blogging with Blogger!

I am still tweaking with the design, but wanted to get everything up and running to some degree, so I didn’t loose blogging time during the switch! 

Now, previously two separate blogs (inkeq blog and reason’s blog) are together and you’ll no longer have to worry about reading or missing out on one or the other. 

I’ve added some new widgets and fun things which will hopefully make you all feel more at home here.  🙂

So, what do you think?


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