The Leg Improvements.

I haven’t written about Reason’s tendon lately, which is over-due.  The healing process has been great.  Although I have no experience with tendon injuries, let alone a bow, it’s obvious that Reason’s bow is a good looking one.  Reason had his feet done yesterday by Stanley*.  An experienced horsemen with knowledge of bows, so I can’t tell you how good it felt hearing his positive remarks on the tendon.  How nicely it’s healing, how fast it’s healing and how little scar tissue is evident.

To the uneducated eye, the tendon looks almost normal. 

The farrier appointment went great.  Reason was a sweet and quiet fellow throughout.  Was I expecting different?  No.  I knew he was going to behave, but it was nice to see what I thought would happen, actually happen. 

All things point positive.  He’s a happy guy who loves people, is curious and interested in everything around him, learns really fast (which can be hard for me, lol), has a good mind, has a great conformation which is working in his favor regarding the bow (Stanley*’s words), is an easy keeper and who’s tendon is healing beautifully!  

Reason has an ultrasound appointment coming up soon.  I’m nervous only because I like him so much that I don’t want anything to show up that could put us behind.  A ultrasound is really going to tell us what we can’t see and there is unnerving.  Hopefully the vet will give us a good prognosis and a long-term rehab program that will allow us to do more than just hand-walking.  I’m not in a rush to get a leg up.  But if that would be the next step (or within the next couple steps/months) for the better of the horse, that would be exciting. 

Reason is still barefoot as well and will remain barefoot until he needs shoes.  I’m not sure what “needing” shoes means as of yet.  I don’t want to say it would be all for comfort, but possibly for support of the tendon once he’s in work? 

That is all for now.  Yay for Reason!




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