A Glimpse of "Home."

Riding.  The feel of the reins in your hands, the rhythm beneath your seat, the wind in your face, the power and kindness within you, all comes out to play, when we ride.  A place that is so close, yet so far away, the saddle.  The softness and communication within your hands, the reins.  The distance, closer to heaven, closer to peace, horses.  Riding is like nothing else in existence.  Horses and like nothing else in existence.  When we pair the two together, they can truly make life brighter, a smile larger and happiness, greater.

I began riding a horse at the barn.  It has helped me get back into the art and science of riding.  I have missed it so much.  As soon as I ride, I think of one thing… Ink.  I remember rides and experiences we had as I travel through the arena.  As I make my way down the arena and around, I see him and I again, right there in the same spot.  The flashbacks keep coming, flowing strongly like a river, an endless journey.  It is in these moments, that I know Ink is with me and I appreciate what we had and what he did for me.  Itmakes me want to keep going.  It is what makes me want to keep loving horses and always respect, appreciate and enjoy riding.

Ink made me a more confident, understanding, horsemen and rider.  Thank You my handsome boy.   


One thought on “A Glimpse of "Home."

  1. I got a great compliment from the woman I got Bar from. She told me she was surprised I hadn't grown up with horses because (her words) I'm “such a good horse person.”I told her it was Bar and how much he has taught me. Ink was a special horse and gave you a lot to carry forward. Horses like that shape us in ways we don't even realize.

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