I Love the Long Shot.

I went to see my first concert ever this week.  I saw Gary Allan, possibly my most favorite-ever, male artist.  That’s a big statement, there are a bazillion male artists out there.  I grew up listening to Gary Allan.  His music has transpired over the years and he’s still producing great music.  From country with a cowboy hat, to country with an edgy rock-like tone.  I like it a lot. 

What am I trying to say?  Listening to Gary Allan, seeing him sing, was awesome.  When you hear the music on the radio, you might relate to it and love it, but seeing the artist up-close and personal belting out the words to the songs, really makes you relate and understand where the passion is behind the music you hear over the radio.  It’s a great experience to feel the passion flow across the room. 

Watching someone who is a well-known human being, a celebrity share their journey, through their music was something else.  I have to do that again.

Gary Allan’s new song, “Get off on the Pain” really hit me as relative.

My life recently has been so different.  The things that have happened, have changed me.  Right now, I’m struggling through these changes and inner demons.  But I know I’ll get through it.  As long as I feel the sting, acknowledge the pain and look forward, I’ll come out for the better. 

But let me say this..  I have not been able to have a ready-trained horse and have not been able to go forward with my riding on made horses.  I used to think that this was a bad thing.  Ya, maybe sometimes, in some cases I wish I could go places with my riding.  Sometimes I wish I could be conquering my fears and flying across the cross country course, maneuvering a course or performing a tedious Dressage test.  But then I look back.

I see Ink and I remember that I put everything into him.  I put blood, sweat and tears into him.  And in return he allowed me to sit center stage, watching his concert.  There is more to see, than what we see from the back of a horse.

I have to admit… I do love the long shots, the left out lost causes, hanging out on the back of the pack with the dark horses. 

I will never forget what Ink taught me and what I was lucky to experience with him.  I love ex racehorses.


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