Uncovering The Reason

One neat thing about race horses is un-covering their past.  It’s exciting to learn who your horse actually is and what they did (or didn’t) do during their career at the track. 

I haven’t done any research into Reason’s past.  I was told his registered name, but just had no real desire to look into it until now.  For some reason I thought that finding this information out would cost $50 through the JC.  (I did this deluxe research package with Ink through them.)  But, I happened to forget that EquineLine offers this free service to look at their pedigree and simple stats like races finished etc.  It also lists the breeders name, DOB and a couple other stats which are interesting.

Upon looking up Reason’s name “Good Folks,” I came across his pedigree which shares some similarity with Ink’s. 

Here it is:

I thought it was pretty neat.  “Bold Reasoning, Reason to Earn, Hail to Reason.”  I never knew about the relation in his pedigree to his name, when I decided to call him “Reason.”  I think it’s pretty neat and I like how each name within his pedigree describes something about him or this journey!

“Event of the Year,” Reason’s sire is a beautiful horse, which baby Reason shares some resemblence with.  That little tail, color, resembling conformation. 

 So now I have some idea of who exactly “Good Folks” is and it appears he didn’t have a successful race career to say the least ;), which could very well mean his is cut out for a different career as a sport horse!


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