Behind a Little.

I’m behind on posting a little bit.  When exciting stuff is actually happening, I am procrastinating. 

I sat on Reason last Tuesday night.  It was exceptionally beautiful out.  A real summer night, no fog.  For some reason I thought that sitting on him was a good idea.  Matt and I went down to the arena where I proceeded to mount up onto the big dark horse for the second time ever.  He was bareback and in his halter, which I would much prefer over being tacked as it appears tack sends a message of work (work=running..).  Not going there yet..  Anyway, so I mounted up and sat.  It was very comfy and Reason was very calm about it and more interested as to why the “treat giver” was up there and how was he supposed to get those treats!?

We did a couple walking steps.  This was obviously nothing new or exciting to Reason.  It was more of new and exciting to me.  I barely gave him any leg pressure as Matt would try to lead him on and then stop where Reason would get a treat and a pat etc. 

After about 5+ minutes of this, I dismounted with of course, a smile.  🙂

Moving forward, I decided that the next day, I would go to the barn during the day.  It was pretty toasty out so I decided a good bath for Reason would be a good idea.  He got his first real day of pampering.  I cleaned up his tail to a nice, shiney, fluffy thing, docked it and then did his mane.  It’s a relatively thin mane, so instead of pulling it, I did the method that instead pulling, you edge the hair with scissors.  It turned out pretty good. 

Afterwards (I was winging it so I did things backwards), I took him down to the arena to try something new.  I wanted to teach him a more advanced means of moving away from pressure, while asking him to move on a square.  I actively moved with him.  It was more on the concept of long-lining than lunging.  Reasy was very responsive and a good chap during this new concept.  I was proud of how quickly he caught on..


The following Friday, I decided to try doing this new long-lining/lunging thing again, which proved interesting.  It was later in the evening, dark out.  Everything started out good, Reason wanted to play, but got down to business once he saw me just stay calm and consistent in asking for what I wanted.  What I wanted was a nice calm walk, nothing more.  I got that pretty quickly and his head began to lower down. 

I asked for a couple laps and then switched directions.  I find it much easier to ask for one direction until they solidly understand the whole idea, what I’m asking for etc, before I invite a direction which they have never done anything on.  Going left is easy peasy, but going right poses questions.  Reason was a good guy about it though and caught on.  It took a little longer, but he got there.  I asked to go back left and we did for a lap..

To be Continued..


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