Suddenly, I Noticed..

After my post yesterday, it has become clear to me how much things have changed.  I’m going through a tranistioning period.  I’m growing up, I’ve been through some changes, loved and lost.  I’ve always had riding there to help me feel better and get away from it all.  It makes me feel so much better when things are down or helps me appreciate and cherish when things are good.  Riding creates a balanced life.  So, since last December, when I took one of my last, good rides on Ink, I have been in a balance shifting state, which has notably gotten worse considering it’s been over half a year since I’ve had a real riding program there! 

I have to coach myself. “Riding is not there like you want it to be…so get over it!  Be patient.”

Yesterday, I thought that I would take a breather, something I have not been doing unknowingly.  I went up to see Reason in his paddock and, as odd as it may sound, I told him in the only way I knew, what was going on with me.  The rest of the day was great!

I brought him down where Reason enjoyed his treats and goodness in his stall before I took him on a walk.  We took a walk down to the arena where we hung out solo.  He stood at the mounting block where I draped over his back, touched his “oh-so-sensitive” ears and did other things.  Those other things consisted of me laying my sweater over his neck, face, eyes and ears.  He didn’t care on bit, except, there were no treats to be found! 

As we were walking out of the arena, A* was trotting a horse in-hand and this caught Reason’s immediate attention.  I remained soft, relaxed and a calm attitude and sure enough this translated to him and although still really interested in what was going on, the dark bay dude stayed with me!  As a reward for his good behavior, I took him to graze. 

Overall, I have to say Reason was so good yesterday and I felt much better afterwards.  When I was letting him graze, I noticed something suddenly.  How much he’s filled out – wow!  He’s losing that race-horse appearance and starting to look like a very handsome guy. 


One thought on “Suddenly, I Noticed..

  1. Patience is key, especially with OTTBs, but giving them a little push sometimes is also good–as long as you quickly recognize whatever little try they give back.He is filling out nicely, can't wait to meet him one of these days!

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