Surprise, Surprise!

On Friday, it was another cool, brisk, foggy evening at the barn.  Perfect conditions for me to enjoy a ride.  But, no riding, which means I get to enjoy to fresh horse, Reason…handwalking.  Oh poo, not fun!  I wish I could enjoy him under saddle, the prefer way to enjoy ‘fresh.’ 

I was surprised however, Reason was not fresh, frisky, wild etc. (Ok, exagerating on the ‘wild’)  He was quiet, calm, inquistitive.  We arrived to find barn owner and two boarders down at the lower arena.  All of which were at the ending of their rides.  We were shortly left down there solo.  I walked Reason for a little bit around the arena and then proceeded to practice moving the haunches and walking around me. 

I contemplated sitting up on him.  I have done that once already.  To my, not surprise, he was fine.  But so confused as to why treat giver was up there and not on the ground.  Friday however, I decided not too, for whatever reason.  He was being so good with only a couple baby silly moments :).

On a side note though, I am so happy to report that my new T-Sport wraps arrived!!  Yippee!!  No more fleece polos! 


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