The T-Sport Wraps: Reasons Fav.

I love, love the EquiFit T-Sport wraps!  Recently however my pair, that I prefer over any other polos or wraps, started acting funky.  When I went to remove them, the material that lays on the leg, would become sticky and pull hair along with it – ouch!  It was acting like a band-aid.  Then when I’d go to hose them off after use, they would dry and the material would stick to itself.  When I’d go to roll them up, once dry, I’d have to peel them apart  from one another and material would get peeled off. 

I sent an email to the company regarding this problem to see if there was anything they could do.  I got a prompt reply the very next day requesting that I send them in for a new pair.  That was easy and on top of that, the lady I worked with was friendly! 

I sent them in on the 29th of August and now am awaiting my new pair! 

I love these polos because when you un-wrap them, you await a cooler, tighter leg than what you’d get from your average polo.  I want to get a second pair, but they are expensive at nearly $90 for two.  But, I have to say, they are worth their price!

The only problem I’ve encountered, is that you must take care with application.  Unlike a normal polo, these are easier to wrap.  They contour to the leg so nicely.  But, if you apply with too much pressure, these stretchy wraps can become too tight. 

I’m patiently awaiting the arrival….

You can read more on the t-sports here.


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