Errika’s Many Adventures.

Errika and I are busy adventuring.  Things are changing, she’s getting older and I feel like we’ve missed out some.  Her days in the arena are pretty much over and all I want to do is take her on trail rides and to various places, anywhere.  Anywhere, even riding down to the local drive-thru for a shake.

It takes a special horse to do these things with.  That is safe in traffic, with excited kids who insist on yelling, “HORSE!” at the top of their lungs and with all the scary stuff normal horses are afriad of.  I wouldn’t do this with any horse.  But I love Errika, know her very well and we trust eachother.  She’s such a champ, with an active mind.  She’s not a dead-broke, lully-gaging horse.  She’s curious, happy and loves to explore as much as I do.  Up and down hills, through creeks, down neighborhood roads, to the local 7-eleven…hehe. 

If she was younger, I’d consider a trip across the U.S.  She would have been an absolute perfect mount of such a thing.  Being Arab she’s always had energy to spare and is hardy as…an ox.  I can’t do that, but I can do mini trips through the hills and down the roads. 🙂

Errika and I have had 7 years together.  I love her with all my heart!

We took a short trip to the beach on Saturday.  What a nice time it was.  Kind of lonely, but nice.  Errika was a wild thing throughout the whole stay on the sand.  I asked for one good gallop, but held her back quite a bit because we haven’t been doing much lately.  What a trooper she was. 



One thought on “Errika’s Many Adventures.

  1. Erika and you look so happy out and about. She is a heart horse..even for me to read about her I love her!Good times with some best friends with hooves!Kac

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