I’m Starting to Like That…

When I first got Reason he was very sensitive to the touch around his ears and upper neck.  Over time, of patting him down, from hind end to front, I slowly began to work up the neck.  I rubbed his head, less conerned regarding that but still not sure about.  Once he became OK with that and accepting of it, I started to scratch around the ears because I could tell he secretly liked that!  Now he lets me play with his ears and pat up his neck!  We hit the milestone of acceptance the other day.  Excited of this, I had to get a vid clip ;).  And here it is…  He was much better than what I caught on video, but you can get the idea.


Then here’s a little added bonus…  Last week or so, I got to the barn very hungry so I sat down and had some of my chinese take-out.  I thought what better way to eat than with Reason.  I sat on his feeder while he bugged and bugged me for some!  I finally gave in and held out a noddle (which I figured he would put his nose up to).  Reason took it from the palm of my hand, played with it and eventually dropped it only to return to trying to stick his nose in the little carton.  Silly!  🙂



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