Little Moments Count.

Yesterday I was having a not so great, day.  It happens to us all.  I had little time to spend with Reason or Errika, a quick hello and giving their yum’s was the extent of my visit.  I first went to say hi to Reason.  He knew why I was there and he knew what I had in my hands; the bag of his favorite, rice bran.  It was cold, he was frisky.  His initial reaction was to come up to me and bury his nose into the rice bran.  Well, no he can’t do that and he’s not allowed to do that.  He has to wait.  It took about 5 minutes of correction before he went and stood patiently at his feeder. 

I first started by asking him to move away, at a safe, acceptable distance.  If he moved a hoof forward, he was asked to move it back.  I’m not at all concerned with if he moves sideways, back or even acts excited right now.  But he cannot move towards me at all.  That’s the first rule and it’s a rather basic one that is fair enough to ask a young ex-racehorse in my opinion.  Once he stood still, his reward was to be allowed to go to the feeder.  He stood there waiting and I rewarded him with finally, his rice bran. 

I spent some time petting Reason and it was a nice reminder of the things to be thankful for.  Each day I am lucky enough to see him and have him in my life.  A simple pet seems something to be thankful for in itself.  On the journey to goals, it’s these little things that remind us why we do what we do and how lucky we are to have horses in our lives.

Today, will be a better one.


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