A Different, "L" Word?

The “L” word scare last week, was over soon after it started..thank goodness!

There has been no sign of lameness since.  He’s sore stepping on the rocks throughout the pathways to various parts of the ranch, but that can be expected at this point.  Once he’s being started under saddle, we’ll rock the front shoes.  Unless of course, he could go without shoes altogether.  I’m not sure of that though.  We’ll see what happens when that day comes.

If you’ve never worked with an ottb, one thing that is usually distinct about them, is their lack of understanding regarding proper social skills.  Yes, they don’t have many.  At least from my experience.

Both Ink and Reason are friendly, very interested horses (both in humans and horses alike).  Ink was notorious for barging into another horses space without any consideration as to what the other horse thought.  “You like me, ya, ya!?” Is what seemed to be going on.  Although I do have to admit even Ink was a little reserved in how forward he was with other horses.  Reason takes it to another level.  

Errika is quickly becoming the god-mother of ex-racehorses.  She’s staying at the ranch for a week and I’ve been riding her or doing stuff throughout her stay.  I usually bring Reason into his stall for his rice bran to avoid dealing with correcting him in his paddock (he wants the rice bran so bad he cannot contain himself!  Although he has to, no exception.)  I put Errika in the cross-ties next to his stall.  He cannot get enough of it!  Oh how amazing it is to touch another horse!  But Errika, as usual is not amused.  She stands, sometimes acknowledging him but for the most part Reason is nothing exciting.  She stares ahead playing hard to get.  Reason persists, reaching to touch her shoulder, anything he possibly can.  Errika stands still, allowing him to smell her, but she is quick to let him know when enough is enough.  Reason is seriously beside himself in joy!  Bouncing his head obnoxiously up and down, trying to get Errika’s attention.  What a show off ;).  Secretly, Errika likes Reason.  I’ve known Errika long enough to know that when she plays hard to get, it’s a sign of lasting devotion.  I know that if I was to take him out of his stall and back to his paddock, she’d crumble.  

Reason is becoming the fixture in my life.  He’s the future and I’m excited for that.  Sometimes it’s not easy to watch all your barn mates riding and progressing, while you stand on the side line wishing that could be you.  But, for that moment of desire and wishful thinking, I have millions of knowing that when the day comes, that will be Reason and I.  It is and will be worth waiting for.

There is nothing more true than the whole point behind this dark horses name.  “Everything Happens for a Reason.”  I know he came into my life for a purpose, I know I have a horse with an side-lining injury for a reason.  I know now, but I can’t quite put it into words.  It will all makes sense later. 

As moments happen, it’s very much like a puzzle.  A piece here, a piece there.  It doesn’t look right all the time, it doesn’t even look like the picture on the box at times, but slowly and surely, piece by piece, it begins to come together.  One by one as each falls into place, you start seeing the glimpse of the finished product.  And as those pieces form into one image, the excitement grows.  The long period of not knowing molds together forming into the simple answers to those complicated questions.  The past within the picture and all questions are now answered.  The key to building this puzzle, is that no matter what you never lose sight of the picture.  You treat each piece with understanding in it’s placement.  You devote yourself to the little things that create the final product. When the final product is gleaming in front of you, a sense of accomplishment and amazing growth in personal understanding begins to fold all into one.

Horses are our puzzles.  We must treat each piece with care and attention while we never lose sight of the finished image. 


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