The "L" Word.

Yesterday evening, I went to take Reason out and noticed he was lame.  The first time he’s been lame since I’ve had him.  No!  Uncertain, but pretty much convinced I just wasn’t seeing things when he walked over to me, with some three legs, I took him out to see what he looked like on hard ground.  There was a noticable nod at the walk when the leg would bare weight, the left front, bowed leg.  Hmmm, not good.  I took him to the arena to check it out, still noticing something.  It was less consistant, but there.  Sometimes worse, sometimes not as noticable.  Obviously, I should have went with the hoof first and worked my way up the leg for any possible placement of what could be going on, but I didn;t and forgot to pick the feet.  I went from 0 – 60 on concern, forgetting something as simple as picking the feet.  A rock could easily be causing his paper thin hoof to be in pain. 

I picked out some bark and there appeared to be a rock lodged down in the left side of the frog on the left front hoof.  After that, I walked him down the barn isle-way to see if anything appeared different.  It did.  He was walking on four legs again, with no head nod and baring weight on the front legt again.  HUGE sigh of relief.  I’m still on high alert, but seeing the not slight, but significant difference in gait after the hoof picking (oh, my, gosh) I was a little relieved.  I cold hosed both front legs and put him away.  His feet are not in the best of shape besides.  The pathways leading from his paddock, to the barn, to the arena are all compacted road base and loose rocks.  It’s the nemisis for these poor TB feet.  

I have to remain very concious of the idea of bute.  He already feels good, but if I give him some bute, like I might for another horse, I could run into more problems.  If he’s not feeling so great, he won’t want to play or be silly like he would otherwise, therefore a less likely chance to cause further damage to an already injured tendon.  So I’m holding off on the bute.  There appeared to be no swelling to the area or change in the bow itself.  There was little heat. 

He’s going to have a couple days off from walks and since it takes a walk to get to the wash-rack for cold hosing, I suppose I’ll do icing instead.  If this lameness reappears within the next 2-3 days, the vet will need to be called.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it was simply a rock.  Or possibly a hoof abscess.  


One thought on “The "L" Word.

  1. felicia

    i hope reason will be ok i am sure it was just the rock that tendon should not be causing any problem and you are sooooooo right NOT to give him bute good luck call i would love to visit you and him thanks felicia

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