They Are Horses, Afterall.

It’s true, horses are accidents waiting to happen.  I mean, they are a danger to themselves sometimes.  The evolution of horses as domesticated creatures, is on-going.  Leave it to a horse to find even the most seemingly harmless object, to suddenly become frighteningly precarious.  Oh horses!

Part of owning horses is acknowledging what could be harmful in the eyes of the horse.  There are obvious things to stay away from.  Anything sharp, that’s for sure.  But, sometimes horses can’t even contain themselves, quite literally.  Even safe fencing, can’t always hold up to their moments of….intelligence lapse.  

Yesterday Reason found himself in a predicament.  I wasn’t there, but the staff at the barn found him quickly.  Cast in his paddock no less.  He broke a board as he tried to free himself.  Reason has help in the, ‘anti-casting’ department.  He has hot-wire running the perimeter of his paddock, which makes him very respectful of the fence.  It is this hot wire that helps him stay smart about where to roll and where not to.  Apparently the hot-wire was off that day and the previous.  I’m not sure how Reason allowed himself to discover if it was off, but somehow he did.  This apparently made him want to roll close to the fence.  Well, I know it was probably not a move he strategically planned out on purpose…But it happened, silly boy.

I received “that call” from the barn owner letting me know about what happened.  She took good care of my boy and found nothing but a couple small, superficial cuts and burns.  Other than that he seems fine, but we’re keeping an eye on his bowed leg and the others for signs that something else could have happened.  After seeing Reason yesterday, gooping him up with swat, I wasn’t too worried, as I didn’t see anything alarming.  I think he’s just fine.  But Reason, seriously dude?  Was it really necessary to roll so close to the fence when you have a bunch of other perfectly acceptable, sandy places to roll?  Gosh.

The picture above is a little blurry, but that burn you see with swat on it, was pretty much the extent of the self-inflicted wounds.  Phew. 

Besides that, later in the evening we took a walk down to the indoor, where Reason and I hung out observing the many horses and riders hangin in the arena.  This has been the first time Reason has seen this amount of horses in one place that could look similar to a race-track warm-up ring.  He was good though.  I’m proud of his manners.  He’s a true gentlemen.  He’s still young and will try to sneek things here and there, but what else could you expect?


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