When I Grow Up.

Recent photos of Reason.  I have so many more, I need to update the photo gallery here.  If you’re on my FB friends list, you can view the album, Within Reason.

Reason’s new rope halter I bought at the WSHE.  Disco, woo!

Reason and I.  I’m standing on a large log.  I’m really not that tall lol. 


One thought on “When I Grow Up.

  1. Wow! I just found your blog from the Google Horse Bloggers group and I think I've spent the last 2 hours going through your archives with Ink and now Reason. What beautiful thoroughbreds you've had in your life. I look forward to following your new journey with Reason, and I'm so, so sorry for your loss of Ink. Don't worry about not falling “head over heals” in love with your new horse yet. It will happen, and in my experience it will be totally and completely separate from your feelings for Ink, but it may take time. Reason's beautiful head and curious expression remind me of my own Miles:) Happy trails to you both!

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