The Double Whorl Wonder.

Have you heard about whorl patterns on horses and how they are said to reflect the horses personality?  Interesting subject.  I first learned about it from S* .  He mentioned Ink had a whorl directly between his eyes.  Supposedly this was an ideal position reflecting a horse with an even-temperament.  The further up the whirl, the more intelligent, yet difficult the horse is.  The further down, the calmer it is.  And from what I’ve read, the horses with the higher whirls sometimes make talented show horses verses horses with lower whirls.  Hmm, innteressting, indeed.

Look at the statistics here, where there was a study done on 423 horses, 290 of which were CA Thoroughbred race horses.

From this study, only 6% had “rare” whirl patterns which the study described as, “Abnormal whorls were defined as 3 or more on the forehead, or 2 whorls vertically placed on the facial area. Two horses had 3 whorls, one had 4, and the remaining (24 hd) had vertical placement.

I also found this article on whorls; Around the Whorl.

In that article though, it states that the lower the whorl the more intelligent. 

So what does Reason have?  He has two whorls, parallel to each other, not too far up his forehead.  I could relate to double whorls being more difficult and hotter, as he is those things, but not completely.  They aren’t too high up, so maybe that indicates lesser of those things? 

A* told me that double whorls indicate a mixed personality.  A good, willing side and also a naughty, difficult side. 

Yesterday was quite nice with Reason.  He was a bit fresh though as the fog was coming in, a little cool nip in the air and the wind was blowing a little.  I knew, as soon as I stepped out of the truck, what this kind of evening meant.  I was planning on having Matt clean up and rasp a little of Reason’s hooves.  But I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the final plan pending Reason’s, ‘freshness.’  With an injury, I didn’t want to risk it, create a stressful situation or risk Matt’s safety.  If it was Ink, I would have known he would be just fine regardless of if he was having a rodeo in his paddock. 

I went immediately up to get Reason from his paddock, get an idea what he was going to be like and bring him down to the barn.  Yes, he was fresh.  He wanted to play.  But, with the prospect of hoof work going on, I though this wasn’t the best idea, so he stayed up there through feeding time.  After he had a chance to eat, I went back up to see how he was.  He seemed more relaxed and willing.  ‘Ok then’, I thought, ‘I guess we’ll try this out.’

Down we walked to the barn.  Reason was understandably a little on the muscle, but that lasted for only a couple steps and then he began to lower his head and walk like a calm little foal behind me.  Once arriving down at the barn, I prepared his mash of ricebran.  He stayed in his stall to enjoy that while I finished other things and waited for Matt to be ready for hoof work. 

I did a little manners session with Reason to check his “buttons” and overall attitude before moving forward to the hooves.  He was just as relaxed as any other day. 

Racehorses’ work ethic not only appears in their under-saddle routine, but also in general, day to day, handling.  As soon as I get Reason out, he’s on and ready for work, training, exposure etc.  And it’s this mind-set that somehow makes them click-over from bronc horse in the paddock, to prepared work horses as soon as you halter them up.  Gotta love that! 

As I was waiting for Matt and Reason was standing in the barn isle way like a gentlemen, there was a tracor scraping and moving around just outside the barn doors.  Reason never batted an eyelash.  I wasn’t expecting him too, but boy, that tractor was sure making loud and noises that I would have found scary!  However, A*’s kids were having a game of tag or something up by the house, just in eyes distance out of the other barn entrance.  Reason, turned around and looked in utter concern.  Ink would have done the same thing, playing and yelling kids are so interesting to them!  But Reason didn’t offer a spook, he just wanted to watch and figure out what was going on.  All the while, scary tractor was now behind him making additional scary noises.  I love racehorses!

Matt was able to do Reason’s hooves as he stood there calmly and very curious.  He tried to rest his muzzle on Matt’s back and head.  Much to Matt’s dismay because Reason was covered in goopy ricebran.  It makes me wonder, having two ex-racehorses who just relax and love farrier-time, is this seriously comparable to a human relaxing and enjoying getting a pedicure? 

Reason says HI!






2 thoughts on “The Double Whorl Wonder.

  1. OH..I have MISSED so much!! I have to link to your beautiful REASON'S blog too! Love him Keri…I am not sure of the hoof ailment…but I have 5 or so posts to read!! WOW…I love it, you write so well..should be good…thinking of taking the laptop to Bend tomorrow(going for a wedding and a ride in the high dessert) and see if our host had wireless!He is something and you are so fortunate!!!Love ya,Kac

  2. Oh, now you tell me about the whorl, Keri! Bar's is high up, swirly, and smack-dab in the middle of his wide forehead. Luckily, I love him or this could really be a issue.You're doing great work with Reason–trust your gut, it never lies. And horses know when you are lying.

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