It’s Rather Boring, But…

It’s know it appears rather boring.  All Reason and I seem to be doing is going on short walks, hanging out, doing carrot stretches and overall slow, steady stuff.  There isn’t much “training” going on.  Except, ground manners, things like that.  The fastest thing we do, is a steady walk down to the barn or arena for a stroll.  Not too exciting.  

I have to admit and say, yes, I can’t wait to now get on Reason’s back.  Having experienced Ink, I am a much more confident person in the saddle.  Odd, I know.  Reason might change that, but I’m up to the challenge.  However, I am having fun doing this slow, seemingly boring, stuff!!!  It’s neat just to see a horse grow in any way.  Under saddle, or on the ground.  It’s fascinating to say the least.  I for one, thank my lucky stars I have an oppurtunity to watch and share this unfolding and learning experience.  If there is something to be thankful for it is to be able to help a horse and learn at the same time.

One of my fondest memories, was recently, in March when Ink galloped through the fields at the barn in the hills.  He was so happy!  I am SO thankful he could experience what a real horse is all about.  Because now, when I think of Ink, I think of him running through the green, grassy fields of heavens above, bucking, playing, grazing and having a good ole’ time like he did when at the barn.  It makes me tear up thinking of it.  One day, I will be able to see him again and we’ll gallop all through the fields.  Gosh I miss you my special boy.

I have found myself a little reservest when it’s come to Reason.  He’s kind, sweet, very curious, very smart, sensitive, attuned, athletic, beautiful, yet, I am not falling head over heels in a deep bond with him as of yet.  I know that sounds sad, but it’s not.  I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that, I’m still grieving, I’m not ready to let go yet.  I’m hesistant to just let myself jump in because, I just can’t right now.  I’m growing closer, fonder and yes, slowly starting to love Reason, but it’s coming slower than it would have without having lost Ink.  So, even though I was torn as to why I am not and have not been completely IN LOVE with this horse like I was right off the get go with Ink, I know it’s for a reason (no pun intended lol) and everything will work out and come as it should :).


One thought on “It’s Rather Boring, But…

  1. Okay, sorry–second comment in less than 5 minutes.Girl, give yourself that time to grieve because it allows you to appreciate both horses.I had a nice comment recently on a post I wrote about (re)training OTTBs that amounted to congrats for taking the time with Bar just to absorb one another, not focus on any specific goal or discipline.I actually think he is ready for more, at least that's what he seems to be trying to tell me, so we'll try a little more in the next few weeks and see how it goes.Like I said.. follow your gut. That works both ways, you know. Sometimes your gut says to push a little harder, too.

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