In The Know.

Just so everyone knows, I’m not taking the blog down nor am I switching domains, hosts etc.  If you’re un-aware, I created a new blog for Reason (my new ottb).  If you weren’t there in the beginning to follow Ink and I, step in because now’s the time to get all the low-down from the start with this new project.

I’ll still blog about Errika and continue to write things about Ink, because there is still so much left to say.  But, I might be moving Reason’s blog to appear fore-front.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy reading about Reason!


One thought on “In The Know.

  1. Hi there My friend!Whenever you comment…it reminds me to come looking for you too!Oh, I love your mare's name! Reason is majestic and forward…very purposeful~I can't wait to get to now you two together! I just had to come visit your Ink's blog first..I do miss him too.XO Kac

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