Are you my Mother?

Had a little photo bit with Reason yesterday.  Although I was not at all dressed for any such thing.  But I did get some good photos of him. 

Yesterday was another day of walking.  This time we explored more and I think we’ve crossed the assurance path, figuratively speaking.  What I mean by this, because I’m not sure if assurance is the perfect word to use, is that Reason and I are bonded closer now.  Approaching new situations and objects, is a breeze.  Now Reason asks me and takes confidence in my ability to maneuver us through anything that he’s afraid of and therefore, he is following my leadership and growing so quickly in his own confidence.  Which in turn, has brought us closer and a more mutual understanding.  This has been a great coming.  It’s our first real big step into the future.

This new coming, has all been surrounded by Reason’s desire to have a “mother”.  He’s kind of like a lost, helpless little boy.  He’s grown up on the ‘streets’ and has some great ‘street smarts’ but isn’t exactly educated or experienced in LIFE and relationships.  Unsure of ‘adults/parent figures’ because he’s had none.  He’s been on the fast track (quite literally).  This pretty much sums up Reason right now.

Reason follows me around like a puppy dog.  But he’s not exactly be-fitting into the ‘in your pocket’ horse-initially.  He’s shy, observant and although he wants to be with you, he’s not always quick to jump in your lap.  He has an opinion, will share it occasionally and likes to hear feed-back but can easily be intimidated. 

I felt like, in the beginning with Ink, I was standing beneath the shadow of a great power.  He mesmerized me and most of the time, I felt like he was my leader.  Now, I feel like Reason is under my wing.  I must lead him. 

I got Reason a name-tag yesterday for his halter…

Reason and I

Saddling up for fun. 



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