Three Times A Charm.

Reason has settled in so well to his paddock.  It’s been a week and one day since he moved up to that space.  Transitions and exposure to new things seem to be easy for him, so this will hopefully carry over to further, advanced ground-work and eventually under-saddle.  I’m interested to see what his work ethic is like and how he’ll be under-saddle.  I’m actually not itching too much to ride him.  I think it’s because I know what he needs, mainly, obviously time off, but also just time to be a horse.  Even if he wasn’t injured, I still would give him all the time I thought he needed to be ready for that next step.  He deserves it, as well as any other OTTB.  And it’s a win-win.  Better time off means better, happier horse and that can only be good for everything else!

I take Reason out, usually after I do a little re-fresher ground-work bit and walk him up and down the path.  He gets to graze as we slowly meander.  I’ve learned that he is afraid of the harvest bins (feeders) inside the paddocks that we walk by.  He eats out of one himself, so I guess from behind a fence and because maybe the fact that all the paddocks sit below the path, it makes the feeders look abnormal and scary?  Who knows lol..  But he has a natural curiosity towards the new and unusual.  I always give him his space and freedom of movement, so I won’t make him more nervous by boxing him in per sey.  I use my voice and very light pressure reminders when we encounter something new.  And it doesn’t help to have grass right by a scary object to make him feel more at ease! ;).  After a slow, mostly grazing walk, once up and once down, I do a final slow walk to make sure he’s OK with everything before I put him away.  Three times a charm!



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